discover a true almondmilk


The rich, clean, delicious taste of Three Trees is unparalleled.  Using an extraordinary number of almonds, we’ve made the richest and most nourishing almondmilks without ever compromising our clean ingredient list.  That means there’s absolutely no thickeners, stabilizers, or additives at all.  You'll never find such things as carrageenan, gums, lecithin, or sunflower oil in our almondmilks.

We're doing the most difficult thing: keeping it simple.


“My grandmother’s food philosophy of using only unprocessed, real food ingredients drives Three Trees’ approach to making nutmilk. For her, the forest was a pure, clean source of nutrient-rich plant ingredients. It became the inspiration for our name. In Chinese the word for Forest comprises three of the words for Tree.”

-Jenny, Founder