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Eat Clean. Live Richly.

Organic, pure, nourishing and plant-based for a better you, a better planet.

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 100% Clean, without Compromise

We are proud of our 100% clean ingredient list. That means absolutely no thickeners, stabilizers, or emulsifiers like carrageenan, gums, lecithin, or fortifiers in our almond milk.  No derived "natural" flavors.  Nothing you wouldn't find in your kitchen pantry.  Only the best quality real food ingredients. 

We take lots of organic almonds and grind them with water, pure and simple.  And, we use the whole nut so there's less waste and more fiber!  



Using an extraordinary number of almonds, we’ve made the richest and most nourishing almond milk.  

The distinctively almond-rich taste comes from an abundance of quality organic almonds.  We carefully select every ingredient for the best quality and taste.  Our almondmilks are naturally high in healthy fats, plant-based protein, and micronutrients present in almonds – such as vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B2, and phosphorus. 

Three Trees Organic Original Unsweetened almondmilk


The Difference is Real

Our mission is to build a healthier world where we grow, make, and eat more clean, plant-based, nourishing and delicious food.  It's about making and consuming food the way grandma used to; it's about nourishing whole food ingredients straight from nature.  That's our food philosophy and that's how we make almondmilk that's closest to homemade.  

Enjoy Three Trees in your latté, smoothie, and in any recipe – its naturally high fat and protein content makes it a great substitute for dairy, and great when you're looking for healthy, clean energy.  

Separation is a Good Thing (for Almondmilk)

Separation is natural.  We don't add stuff to our almondmilk to make it behave a certain way.  Real food behaves how it behaves, it doesn't mimic another!  So it goes, real almondmilk does NOT behave just like dairy milk in coffee.  Just give it a good stir!

Sometimes you will even find almond cream in your bottle of Three Trees!  It is pure, delicious almond fat which rises to the top over time.  Much like cream rises to the top in raw, unhomogenized milk.  Don't be alarmed, real food isn't always pretty!  (But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  We think it's beautiful!)  Almond cream is delicious... and so good for you!

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Thoughtful Living

We use the whole nut in making our almondmilk.  So there's less waste, and more fiber.

Our liter (34 oz) bottles are larger so you're getting better value, and it's better for the planet because there's less packaging per volume of product.  For bottle material, we chose PET #1 because it is lightweight which leads to a lower carbon footprint, and is one of the most highly recyclable materials.  

Make the smarter choice.


“My grandmother’s food philosophy of using real, plant-based ingredients to make nourishing food drives Three Trees’ approach to making almondmilk.”

-Jenny, Founder-