No Gums or Additives, 100% Clean

More Almonds = More Natural Plant-Based Protein & Nutrients

No Added Sugar


We use real Madagascar Vanilla beans, not vanilla flavor– just like if you were to make almondmilk for your family.  That's why our  Vanilla Almondmilk is extra delicious.

When there are only 3 ingredients, every ingredient matters. 

Perfect for your morning smoothie, for baking, and straight out of the bottle for a natural, healthful, nourishing boost.


Ingredients: Fitered water, organic almonds, organic vanilla extract, organic vanilla bean.

34 oz (Liter)



Organic Almonds

Nature's pure form of energy, almonds are packed with nutrients.  We select the best fresh organic almonds, which are then blanched to remove the skin, and steam pasteurized for food safety.

Filtered Water

When there are only 2 ingredients, every ingredient matters.  Our reverse osmosis filtration system ensures the consistent quality and taste of the water in our almondmilks.  We try to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible.  Since our almondmilks are produced in the U.S. where the municipal source is potable, we choose to utilize that rather than truck in spring water from faraway places and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Vanilla Bean

Madagascar (also known as Bourbon) Vanilla is the best kind of vanilla, sought after for its round, sweet vanilla taste.  


Serving Size: 8 fl oz  = 1 cup / 240 g

Total Heart-Healthy Plant Fat               9 g

Cholesterol                                              0 mg

Total Carbohydrate 3 g                            1 %

Dietary Fiber 2 g                           8 %

Sugars 1g

Natural Unprocessed Plant Protein         4 g






Vitamin E                                        14 %

Manganese                                     18 %

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)                 11 %

Phosophorous                                 8 %

Magnesium                                        4 %

Calcium                                             4 %

Iron                                                    4 %

Zinc                                                   3 %