Organic Arabica Fair Trade Smithsonian Migratory Bird Safe Coffee

70 mg of Caffeine per Cup; Half the Amount of Regular Drip Coffee*

No Gums or Additives, 100% Clean


We make a cold brew with 100% organic Arabica Fair Trade Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center coffee, and add roasted chicory root for a New Orleans style coffee that is deep and bold.  Chicory root is naturally caffeine-free, so our Cold Brew Coffee Almondmilk has less caffeine than regular drip coffee.  (Regular drip coffee has 140-200 mg of caffeine per cup, vs 70 mg in a cup of Three Trees Cold Brew Coffee Almondmilk.

We are thoughtful about every ingredient.  Bird safe coffee means that no trees were cleared on the coffee plantation; beans were grown surrounded by sharde trees, which also provide sanctuary for birds and other wildlife.

Adhering to our food philosophy, there are absolutely no thickeners or stabilizers like carrageenan, gums, lecithin, or oils. Just more almonds.  Even latté lovers find our coffee almondmilk bold and creamy.  

INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, organic almonds, organic coffee, organic coconut nectar crystals, organic chicory root, Himalayan pink salt.

34 oz (Liter)



Because we use only real food ingredients, every ingredient is carefully selected for the best quality, taste, and consistency.


Organic Almonds

Nature's pure form of energy, almonds are packed with nutrients.  We select the best fresh organic almonds, which are then blanched to remove the skin, and steam pasteurized for food safety.


We use single-origin 100% organic Arabica Fair Trade Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center coffee.  It is very important to us that communities that harvest the beans benefit from their crops, and that no forests were cleared for sun coffee plantations.  Learn more about the high standards for Smithsonian Migratory Bird Friendly Coffee.

Chicory Root

A popular drink of the 19th century, chicory root was brought to the American South by the French, where the coffee chicory drink became known as 'New Orleans Coffee.'  Chicory has a long-standing reputation as a detoxifying medicinal herb and is high in antioxidants.  It also helps break down fats during digestion.   

Coconut Nectar

Coconut nectar is from the flower of the coconut tree.  It has a lower glycemic index and contains many minerals.  It also adds a slightly toasted, caramel taste to our delicious Cold Brew Coffee Almondmilk!

Himalayan Pink Salt

We choose pink Himalayan salt for its higher mineral content, such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and chloride. It also contains traces of boron, fluoride, iodine, zinc, selenium and copper, all of which are necessary for bodily health.  As a naturally occurring salt, Himalayan salt contains all these minerals without chemical processing or refinement. 


Serving Size: 8 fl oz  = 1 cup / 240 g

Total Heart-Healthy Plant Fat         7 g                         

Cholesterol                                       0 mg

Total Carbohydrate                        15 g

Dietary Fiber                            4 %

Sugars                                    12 g

Protein                                                3 g




Vitamin E                                  10 %

Manganese                               13 %

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)            8 %

Phosophorous                          7 %

Magnesium                                 4 %

Calcium                                       3 %

Zinc                                             3 %

Iron                                              3 %