Our Story




Growing up, I used to go hiking with my grandmother who lived near forested mountains.  She knew which plants were edible, and would pick various roots, leaves, and seeds to brew soothing teas.  I half listened to her tell me about the health benefits of each plant-based concoction, as I savored them more for their deliciousness.  This is where my love for natural, plant-based foods began.  


Where Three Trees got its name

Thick Forest.jpg

"The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness."   –   John Muir

My grandmother’s food philosophy of using only unprocessed real food ingredients drives our approach to making almondmilk.  For her, the forest was a pure, clean source for nutrient-rich plant ingredients.  It became the inspiration for our name; in Chinese, the character for Forest 森 is comprised of three of the characters for Tree 木.  

Jenny  |  Founder

The Team

Shirin, Daniel, Jenny, and Julien

Shirin, Daniel, Jenny, and Julien